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Data controller and contact information


1. Wizon OÜ (registry code: 12570796, address: Rotermanni 18/1, 10111 Tallinn) (hereinafter “Wizon”) respects the right to privacy of all its customers, their representatives, and visitors to the Website (hereinafter “User”) and takes the User’s privacy seriously. Wizon is committed to protecting the personal data that the User provides to Wizon.

2. This Privacy Policy relates to Wizon's use of the personal data received by Wizon from the User via Wizon's services, products, web services, including the website and applications, seminars and training (hereinafter "Services") or otherwise.

3. If the User has communicated with Wizon, Wizon may ask the User for feedback to ensure that Wizon is providing the best possible service to the User.

4. Wizon urges the User to thoroughly read through this Privacy Policy so that the User is aware of everything necessary. If questions arise, Wizon would ask you to contact through the contact form on the Wizon website.

5. If Wizon Services or the website contains a link to other websites or applications, the websites or applications accessed through those links are not subject to this Privacy Policy. Therefore, Wizon encourages the User to read personal data protection policies or privacy policies in other online environments to understand how other service providers or websites collect, use, and disclose personal data.


Personal data collected


6. Data provided by the User to Wizon. Wizon may ask the User to provide personal data directly to Wizon. Wizon may ask the User to provide their contact information, such as full name, telephone number, e-mail address, employer name and job title:

  • to participate in seminars and other events;

  • to offer and provide Services or information relating to the Services;

  • to update the customer base;

  • to subscribe to marketing communications;

  • to send inquiries and reply to them.


7. Data that Wizon collects automatically. Wizon may automatically collect certain information through the User's device when the User visits the Wizon website. Wizon collects the usage statistics of its website User, which may include the User's IP address, device type and operating system, unique identification numbers of the device, browser type and version, the User's Internet connection provider, the User's website traffic, and the User's location data.


8. Collecting website usage statistics allows Wizon to better understand website users. Wizon uses the collected data for internal analysis, which in turn allows Wizon to improve the quality of its website and the Services it offers.


9. Wizon may, in accordance with applicable legislation, obtain personal data about the Users from business partners and other independent third parties.


10. Social media. Wizon may obtain User data through the social media service provider when using social media features or social media service providers in accordance with the applicable social media personal data protection policies.


11. When using social media features, Wizon may receive information about Users, such as name, profile photo, gender, date of birth, email address, city or region, and other data that the User has chosen to disclose in their social media account. Wizon does not store or use data concerning the User's friends with whom the User is connected via social media.


12. Wizon may receive information from social media service providers about how the User uses the Wizon Services or notices. Wizon strongly recommends that you read the privacy policies of the social media service provider you use.


13. Other Web Communication. Communication with Wizon through Wizon Services or the website will be recorded and processed for quality control, in the event of litigation, to protect Wizon's interests, and to train staff. This data will be processed and stored in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable legislation.


Sharing and disclosure of personal data

14. Wizon may disclose the User's personal data to the following categories of data recipients:

1) Wizon shares the Users' personal data with partner companies. Sharing enables Wizon to provide Users with information about products and services. Regarding the User data to which Wizon's cooperation and partner companies have access, this Privacy Policy and applicable law shall apply. These companies also comply with applicable laws regarding the distribution of campaign information and, as a minimum action, shall give the User the option to opt out of receiving such emails in any email sent for promotional purposes.

2) Third-party service providers that provide data processing services to Wizon or that process personal data such as payment card processing, business analytics, customer service, marketing, and feedback surveys. If third-party service providers have access to the data, they only collect it for the performance of their tasks. They are not allowed to share or use the data for any other purpose.


3) Business Partners who have authorized Wizon to provide their products and services, with whom Wizon products or services may be offered, or whose products or services may be offered on the Wizon website.


4) Social Media Service Providers if the User uses the social media features in connection with the Wizon website or the Services.

5) Competent law enforcement authorities, governmental authorities, courts, or other third parties, where Wizon deems disclosure necessary (i) in accordance with applicable law, (ii) as determined by a competent authority, (iii) to exercise, establish or protect Wizon's legal rights, or (iv) to protect the interests of the User or another person.

6) Any person other than Wizon has the User's consent for the disclosure.


Use of data

15. Wizon collects the User's personal data if (i) Wizon needs the personal data to fulfil its agreement with the User, (ii) Wizon's obligation to process personal data arises from law, (iii) the processing of personal data is Wizon's legitimate interest and does not outweigh the User's rights, or (iv) Wizon has the User's consent for that.


16. If Wizon collects and uses the User's personal data based on its (or a third party's) legitimate interest, that interest is related to Wizon's Services and communication with the User so that Wizon can provide its Services; security check when the User contacts Wizon; Wizon's legitimate business interests (such as responding to inquiries, improving and marketing Wizon's Services, and detecting and preventing illegal activity).


Protection of personal data

17. Wizon has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the User's personal data.


18. Wizon allows access to personal data to authorized data processors only. Authorized data processors may use personal data only for the performance of authorized tasks.

Transfer of personal data

19. Wizon has applied appropriate protection measures to ensure that the User's personal data is protected when transmitted outside the EEA in accordance with applicable law.


20. Wizon will ensure that Wizon's third-party service providers to whom the data is transferred have applied appropriate security measures to protect the User's personal data.

Data retention

21. Wizon will retain personal data collected from Users in case Wizon has a continuing legitimate business need or legal obligation to do so.


22. If Wizon has no continuing legitimate business need to process the User's personal data, Wizon will delete or anonymize the data or, if this is not possible, store the User's personal data securely and remove it from any further processing until deletion is possible.


23. If Wizon intends to use User data for analytics or long-term trend analysis, Wizon will anonymize or use aggregated data.


24. Wizon uses cookies from Wizon and third parties and similar tracking technology (e.g. Google Analytics) ("Cookies") to collect and use the User's personal data, including to provide interest-based advertising, to ensure ease of use, to improve the Service as a whole, and so on.


25. Data obtained through Cookies and similar technology allows Wizon to track devices and User Itinerary data associated with Cookies.


26. Wizon may combine the data provided by the User to Wizon with the User's transaction data, and the data received about the User from third parties providing services on Wizon's behalf.


27. The User is not required to allow Wizon to use cookies, although their use does not compromise the User's privacy or the secure use of the Wizon website, it allows Wizon to continually improve its website, making it more relevant and secure, and may help prevent fraud.

Individual User Rights

28. If the User wishes to access, amend, update, or request the deletion of his/her personal data, the User must make contact with Wizon via the contact details provided in this Privacy Policy.


29. When a User requests access to their his/her personal data, Wizon confirms that Wizon has the User's data and provides the User with a copy explaining how and why Wizon processes the data, how long it retains them, and what rights the User has in relation to them.


30. If the User requests the deletion of his/her personal data, Wizon can only delete them if Wizon does not need to fulfil its legal obligations in relation to such data or use them to establish, use and protect legal rights.


31. The User has the right to challenge the processing of his/her personal data, to ask Wizon to restrict the processing of personal data or to demand their transferability. In order to exercise these rights, the User must contact Wizon through the contact details provided in the Privacy Policy.


32. The user has the right to cancel the sent marketing messages at any time.


33. If Wizon has collected and processed the User's personal data with the User's consent, the User's consent can be revoked at any time. Withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of any prior processing or the processing of personal data carried out on any other legal basis not based on consent.

Amendment of Privacy Policy, applicable law, and submission of a complaint

34. Wizon will amend the Privacy Policy as necessary to comply with legal, technical, or company-related changes.


35. Wizon will publish an update to the Privacy Policy on its website or send a relevant notice to the User.


36. This Privacy Policy has been prepared in line with the current legislation in force in Estonia and the European Union.

The User has the right to submit a complaint regarding the processing of personal data to the Data Protection Inspectorate (e-mail:; postal address: Väike-Ameerika 19, Tallinn 10129, Estonia).

Last updated on 19.06.2018

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