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Tableau is world’s leading analytics platform that helps people see and understand their data.

Wizon is Tableau Premier partner with over 60 customers of different sizes and types of organizations from multiple industries.

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Finding suitable analytics solution is crucial step in building data-driven company. We can help you to identify your analytics and reporting needs, match these to analytics software and guide you in your evaluation. Contact us for free Tableau demo and consultancy on deployment options.


Software licensing can be often cumbersome. Luckily that is not the case with Tableau licenses. Consult us to understand Tableau licensing principles and how to build most suitable mix of licenses for your organization. As Tableau reseller partner we also provide you with licenses and renewals.


To make effective use of Tableau we help you build your business critical dashboards for effective decision-making and organization management. With Tableau you'll get interactive, effective and beautiful data visualizations that can be shared smoothly throughout your organization.


Tableau is used most effectively by persons that know the data and business the best. Tableau is rather easy to learn but to master it and get faster return on investment it is recommended to start with guided trainings. Contact us to attend our classroom training or we can build your organization's specific training.


Tableau provides you with self-service analytics platform that can be used effectively throughout your whole organization. To make most use of it, it is recommended to deploy best practices and provide enablement for your organization users. How to use data most effectively, what trainings are needed, how to build your data culture with Tableau Blueprint, etc. Contact us to consult about the ways to make most of your investment in your analytics software.


Tableau can be seamlessly deployed also as embedded analytics solution within your product. That will save you huge effort and time from coding to build analytics components but rather you could focus on content. With embedded analytics solutions you could provide your customers or partners with self-service analytics, monetize your data, integrate Tableau visualizations into your product or portal. Contact us to consult how we could help you with embedded analytics solutions.

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