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Tableau is the leading business intelligence platform that gives intuitive data analytics capabilities for all organization types and sizes.

  • Complete platform for analytics, data prep, dashboarding, sharing and collaboration.

  • Easy to use and learn drag and drop analytics with no coding required.

  • Visual, interactive, beautiful, in-depth data analytics and dashboarding.

  • Scalable, secure and governed data platform for all kind and sizes of organizations.

  • Supports your former infrastructure investments, access any data and deploy and use in the environment of your liking: on-premises, cloud, SaaS, Linux, Windows, Mac, mobile.

  • Leader in Gartner's Analytics Magic Quadrant consecutively since 2013.

  • Transparent licensing and pricing.

  • Indisputable innovator of analytics field.

  • Unrivalled community.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop is the primary tool for each data analyst. You can seamlessly connect to your data, find new insights through analyses, build great looking dashboards and share your work with others in your organization or externally. All this with easy to use and learn drag and drop interface.

Tableau Prep Builder

Tableau Prep Builder

Prep Builder relieves you form all the pain of data preparation for analyses and let's you to enjoy and automate your first step for data analyses to get the data in the expected shape. It allows you to clean, shape, filter, profile and combine your data and all that visually and intuitively. 

Tableau server

Tableau Server

Tableau Server is the sharing and collaboration environment for your analytics content in your whole organization or externally. You can deploy it in your own server or public cloud and have full control over your analytics platform.

Tableau online

Tableau Online

Tableau Online is your Tableau Server hosted by Tableau in the cloud. No worries of maintenance and you get scalability and security by default. Access from anywhere.

Tableau has very transparent role based licensing. Depending on depth of analytics use of your users, the exact combination of different roles can be chosen for your deployment.

Tableau prices are listed in US dollars but through Wizon you can purchase and renew your licenses in Euros. 

Every deployment must start with 1 Tableau Creator license.

Tableau Creator

For data analysts, designers and administrators to prep and analyze all your data and publish dashboards.

$840 per user/year

Tableau Explorer

For self service users to explore trusted data and answer you own questions.

$420 per user/year

for Tableau Server:

for Tableau Online:

$500 per user/year

Tableau Viewer

For casual casual data users to consume insights from published dashboards.

$144 per user/year

for Tableau Server:

for Tableau Online:

$180 per user/year

There are also additional add-on licenses for data and server management. 

If you are looking for embedding Tableau into your product or portal there are also special licensing available.

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Wizon is Tableau's reseller partner since year 2014 and we are Tableau's top partner in Estonia and whole Baltics. There are over several thousand Tableau users among all of our customers altogether.

Contact us for free Tableau demo or licensing and implementation consultancy.

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