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Snowflake is a cloud data platform that is provided as a service (SaaS) and it is built for data analytics. Snowflake is very modern and flexible platform that enables you to configure your database in minutes and with no need for regular maintenance and optimization. The excellence of the product is that it is automatically scalable both up and down.

As a consumption based service you always pay for exactly the volume you actually use.  

Snowflake: About


Snowflake is used in different data use cases. Mostly for analytics and building data warehouses and data lakes. It provides standard ANSI SQL and full scale data engineering and processing capabilities. There is also specific data sharing functionality that enables you to give access to your data for external parties (customers, partners, monitoring, etc) with trust and no need to move and export data. This enables also data monetization opportunities.

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Snowflake: use cases
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  • Cloud based service with no infrastructure investments needed.

  • Easy to configure and use.

  • Columnar data storage.

  • Integrates easily with all poplar BI and analytics systems (Tableau, PowerBI, Looker) and ETL tools and services.

  • ANSI SQL standard database with no need to learn new scripting language.

  • May be deployed in all major cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP.

  • Minimum resource need for maintenance operations.

  • Separated data storage and compute engine. 

  • Elastic scalability.

  • Consumption based pricing.

  • Suitable pricing model for both large enterprise data warehouses and small-scale solutions. 

  • Strong and growing community.

Snowflake: Contact


Snowflake provides 30 days free trial to perform your Proof of Concept and try out the system.

Contact us to plan your evaluation:

  • We'll give you Snowflake intro and demo.

  • Plan and guide the evaluation project.

  • Find suitable data loading tool and load data to your Snowflake trial.

  • Help you plan next steps in building your data platform.

Thanks for your interest! We will reach out shortly.

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